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Pisa:  Dante’s Inferno

Old Town and Square of the Miracles

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A walk through the streets of the city to discover the Dante’s places: Piazza dei Cavalieri, ancient political and economic center of the city, where Count Ugolino found his fortune, but met his tragic fate; the lodges of Banchi, ancient prisons where Pier delle Vigne was blinded and where he committed suicide; the domus of the Gualandi, Lanfranchi and Della Gherardesca, on the Southern bank of the river Arno; the Archbishopric, home of the cruel Ruggeri degli Ubaldini and finally the Campo Santo, where the first fresco in the world inspired by the Divine Comedy was made.


Visita guidata a piedi/ Walking tour


Art, history, culture, litearture

Who is it for?



  • Cathedral and Cemetery of Pisa, where there are the tomb of the Della Gherardesca, the chains of the Port of Pisa and the fresco of Dante’s Inferno/span>


  • Groups up to 10 people: € 140,00
  • Groups from 11 to 25 people: € 130,00 + € 2,00 each additional person.
  • For groups over 40 people we reccomend requesting a second guide.
  • Over 5 people we suggest booking a headset support (contact us to book them).

Ancillary Costs

  • Campo Santo: € 7,00 each person (Cathedral entrance included in the ticket, but it is mandatory to use earphones to explain inside this.).


Payment: directly to the guide or advanced by bank transfer following invoice.

** In case of payment by bank transfers from countries outside of the European Community, the bank charges will also be added to the invoice. (€ 40,00).


  • Double language supplement: € 40,00
  • Evening supplement (after 8 p.m.):: € 40,00
  • Extra hour (duration of one HD guided tour is up to 3 hours): € 50,00


  • Guide tours exempt form VAT (Art. 10, n. 22, Decree 633/72)
  • Tickets or paid entrances are not included in the fee
  • For groups of over 15 people, we suggest booking for headset support (we can do it for you)
  • The ‘Half-Day guided tour’ lasts up to three non-divisible hours

Delay, No-Show and Cancellation

In case of delay, the tour leader is required to notify us; otherwise, if the group doesn’t arrive within one hour, the tour will be considered a no-show.

In case of cancellation within 48 hours before the service or a no-show, the basic rate for groups up to 25 people will be applied. 

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