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Pisa: Artisans’ workshops, street art and art galleries

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An itinerary to discover arts&crafts in Pisa. We will visit some of the workshops where the artisans create wonderful and unique objects: goldsmiths, leather men, ceramists… they will tell us their secrets, their stories and show us how they work. We will ask questions, we can be inspired by them.

The city itself is an open-air art gallery with its street art: Keith Haring’s wonderful mural Tuttomondo; we will follow the tracks of the street artists Blub, ExitEnter… and we will visit a few art galleries with works by local and international artists.

Tour category

Guided walking tour


Art, history, culture, artisans, artists, art gallery, workshops, street art

Who is this tour for?


Small Groups


  • Groups up to 15 people: € 140,00
  • For groups of more than 45 people, we suggest asking for a second guide


Payment: directly to the guide or advanced by bank transfer following invoice. ** In case of payment by bank transfers from countries outside of the European Community, the bank charges will also be added to the invoice.

Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation within 48 hours before the service or a no-show, the basic rate for groups up to 25 people will be applied.


  • Double language supplement: € 40,00
  • Evening supplement (after 8 p.m.): € 40,00
  • Extra hour (duration of one HD guided tour is up to 3 hours): € 50,00


  • Guide tours exempt form VAT (Art. 10, n. 22, Decree 633/72)
  • Tickets or paid entrances are not included in the fee
  • For groups of over 15 people, we suggest booking for headset support (we can do it for you)
  • The ‘Half-Day guided tour’ lasts up to three non-divisible hours


In case of delay, the tour leader is required to notify us; otherwise, if the group doesn’t arrive within one hour, the tour will be considered a no-show.

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