Guided tour of the Carthusian Monastery

Our guided tour will start with the visit of the Carthusian monastic complex founded in the 14th Century where the medieval architectural lines are interwoven with those from the Renaissance and those from the 18th Century in a continuous game of optical illusion.

We will visit the spartan monk’s cells, the church, the cloister, the rich refectory and the luxurious Grand Duke’s guest rooms.

We will learn the details of the monks’ lives: an intense routine filled with rules, silence and prayers.


Something more…

The Museum of Natural History and of the Calci Territory of the University of Pisa.

Here we will admire the intriguing collection from the 16th century that constituted the core of the original House of Wonders; we will discover the evolution of scientific museology with its catalogued collections dating back to the 18th century. We will then pass to the 19th century collection prepared by Paolo Savi to end with the contemporary collections of natural history where we can observe reptiles, mammals of all kinds, paleontological collections and a reconstruction of one of the largest European collection of bones of cetaceans.

We will conclude our walk through an historical-naturalistic path following canals and centuries-old trees to reach the abandoned Convent of Nicosia dating back to the 13th Century. Stories and legends of the territory blended with churches, towers and mills but also with the life of those persons who brought prestige to Calci.

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