A stroll through the Frederick the 2nd City: it was the scene of bloody battles between Pisa and Florence. We will discover spiritual and civil places existing since the Middle Ages, such as the fourteenth century Via Angelica, the Republic Square, the Dome, the Museum of Arte Sacra and the Tower of Frederick the 2nd.

Museums in San Miniato

-Frederick Tower: Frederick the 2nd wanted the construction of the tower that dominates the Arno Valley from its 49 m. above the sea level more than 700 years ago.

-Museum of the Diocese: a collection of art from San Miniato, do not miss the Euteleti coat of arms.

- The Loretino Oratory: the old palatina chapel houses a copy of the famous Black Vergin of Loreto and a decorated tabernacle by Francesco Lanfranchi who was Andrea del Sarto’s brother.

-Archeologic Museum: a collection of archeological finds to outline the origin of the etruscan village.

-The Euteleti Accademy: an institution in arts and science. It is the archive of the city and it guards the Napoleone Buonaparte’s mask because part of his family moved to San Miniato.

- The Santa Chiara’s Conservatory: a conservatory of ancient origins, it houses a collection of prestigious master pieces such as those by Cigoli, Galileo Galilei’s friend.

-The Angelica path: a covered path to connect the countryside with the village through which the pilgrims also used to pass: they used to stop in the chapels along it. It is a unique example in the all Tuscan territory.

- Archconfraternity of the Misericordia: it is a symbol of the voluntary work in Tuscany.

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