A fascinating walk through the neighborhoods of St. Antonio and St. Martino in search of female characters that animated the story of Pisa over the centuries. During the tour we will meet:

Kinzica de’Sismondi.

It was the beginning of 1000 when, according to legend, Kinzica saved the city of Pisa.She couldn’t sleep because of her love for Nino so that one night she was the only person, in the whole city, to become aware of the attack that the Saracens were about to launch. She run through the streets and up to the tower, whose bells awoke the entire city.

Camilla Del Lante.

The beautiful Camilla was a 15th century Pisan heroin who fought valiantly to free his homeland from the yoke of Florence. She was able to live with passion on behalf of his ideals and had the audacity to challenge the power. Her love convinced the noble French captain D’Entragues to fight for the liberation of the city.

Maria Mancini Colonna.

The noble Roman, grandson of the powerful Cardinal Mazarin, she lived in luxury at the French court and felt in love with Louis the 14th, the future Sun King. She instead was forced to marry Onofrio Colonna who soon betrayed her with a women from the lower class. The lady escaped and began to wander in Europe. She found peace in Pisa where ended her days in 1715.



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