The Monumental Cemetery, the Baptistery, the Cathedral and Bell Tower are the monuments which nestle amidst the medieval walls in the north west of Pisa. These communicate between themselves and with us through a system of symbols which were necessary in a society where citizens were unable to read.

The same stones relate the stories of the Bible, tell us who assembled them and help us guessing where they could have been situated before being recycled.

We suggest a walk among the walls of the monuments of the Piazza del Duomo where one can hear the “bouncing echo” in the Baptistery, next we will explore the Cathedral, whose facade appears as a slightly asymmetrical human face with its own harmony which anticipates the wonders of the interior details.

The faces sculpted in the stones emerging from the walls of the Monumental Cemetery roused us to come to stroll around and retrace the history of the city and spirituality as it existed during the Middle Ages.

We walk on the shadow of the tower that maintains its original function: to draw people to itself because they can enjoy the beauties that surround it. Originally, it was the sound of the bells that attracted the passers-by, now its the “light” of its leaning miracle that stirs the curiosity and might prompt you to delude the eyes of the camera by leaning on its shoulder like an old friend.


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